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Online Direct

Online Direct are the UK’s leading energy sales solutions company, providing intermediary, business and technology services to energy brokers. Recognising the importance of community support and by improving the working environment and support structure for staff, Online Direct hope to support Switch the Play’s mission of supporting athletes to transition successfully to a life outside of sport.

Support and development

As a result, the support and development opportunities provided by StP really resonate, particularly in a world where there is an increasing need to adapt to fast-paced changes, with the mental health implications that this can have.

Local and National Support

The experiences of the athletes in their pursuit of excellence and peak performance can help provide inspiration for people across the company. Online Direct loves the drive and values of high performing individuals and teams and hopes to inspire their own team accordingly.

The company is currently sponsoring local professional sports clubs in the form of Northampton Saints and Northants County Cricket Club by funding masterclasses delivered by Switch the Play. Online Direct, in partnership with Switch the Play will provide elite sports people with an invaluable insight into career paths and true-life working experiences through an Athlete Training/Transition Day held at the Online Direct offices.

As one of the leading employers in the Northampton area, Online Direct also offer opportunities for career development for former athletes with the drive and ambition to add value to the company.

The Future

Online Direct hopes to continue to provide support and to develop an ongoing relationship with Switch the Play. This alone provides the opportunity to broaden the experience, knowledge and understanding of both the athletes that Switch the Play support and the staff at Online Direct. As part of Online Direct’s charity and community support programme, the partnership fulfils their desire to support and develop others, being a rewarding experience for all involved.