Developing the person, developing the athlete.


Switch The Play is passionate about developing athletes outside of sport

16 Aug Developing the person, developing the athlete.

Switch the Play is a social enterprise comprising of 5 directors including Leon Lloyd (former International rugby player) and Beth Tweddle (former International gymnast) who are all passionate about ensuring athletes and players fulfil their potential through and beyond sport.

There have been numerous articles in the press over the past few weeks highlighting the struggle many athletes face with their transition, some, many years after they have retired. As a result, transitioning away from sport is now being recognised more than ever as a very important subject in relation to athlete welfare and sports performance, both in the UK and globally.

Research suggests there are many factors that can affect transition and result in a negative experience, with the most significant factors being failure to plan ahead, and an athlete’s inability to see themselves as anything other than an athlete. These factors need to be recognised and addressed as early as possible to help ease transition, a process which can take place whilst an athlete is still competing. There are several examples of athletes who have successfully gone through this process.

Support is available but it is not always well signposted so athletes may not currently be aware of what help is available to them. The quality and accessibility of support could also undoubtedly be improved through a collective commitment from National Governing Bodies, agents, clubs, parents, educational institutions and the individual athlete themselves to dedicate resources to further develop enhance the support network. This many include outsourcing specialist areas of education to external, independent, specialist companies, like Switch The Play, focused 100 per cent on helping athlete transition.

Switch the Play would welcome the opportunity to talk to any athlete/player in confidence and to provide help and support, regardless of what point they are at in their sporting career. If you, or anyone you know may benefit from some support then please get in contact with Leon on

‘Switch the Play – Passionate about developing athletes outside of sport. Developing the person, developing the athlete.’

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