Rugby League's NGB Works with StP to Support Players' Welfare

Rugby League's National Governing Body, The RFL, continues to improve its duty of care standards with the delivery of a Switch the Play Emotional Resilience Masterclass to its Player Welfare Managers.

Switch the Play Coach Colin Wall

04 Sep The Rugby Football League Invests in Player Welfare

The Rugby Football League continues to invest in the development of its players both on and off the pitch by delivering another Switch the Play educational Masterclass to its Player Welfare Managers earlier this month (August 7th).

Switch the Play’s Associate Coach Colin Wall delivered an Emotional Resilience Masterclass at Reaseheath College to 12 of the RFL’s Managers which aimed to deepen their knowledge of emotional resilience and remind them of the concepts associated with it. The Managers were able to reflect on some of the current issues and situations they faced and discuss how these might be resolved by applying some of the principles they had learned in the Masterclass.

This latest Masterclass is a part of an on-going collaboration between StP and the RFL as the Governing Body continues to train and educate its Player Welfare Managers, ensuring its players are given the best support throughout their Rugby careers and beyond.

Leon Lloyd, CEO of StP says, “It is encouraging to see a National Governing Body of Sport championing the importance of supporting athletes in all aspects of their lives, not just sporting performance. We are looking forward to continuing this work with their Player Welfare Managers to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the person behind the player.”

Previous StP Masterclasses delivered to the RFL include:
Self-Awareness – delivered by Dr Jen Bennett to RFL Player Welfare Managers
The Brand of You – delivered by Leon Lloyd to the England Senior Squad
Emotional Resilience – delivered to the England Knights by Stu Holliday

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