Life After Sport: From Boot Room To Boardroom

This is the personal story of our Director Leon Lloyd. His personal experiences - and reflections on them - lay the perfect foundation for his first book.

20 Mar Life After Sport: From Boot Room To Boardroom

Our Director Leon Lloyd has had lots of great feedback about how his personal experiences – and his reflections – resonate with athletes and players across a number of sports.

In his own words:


“When faced with retiring from professional sport at the age of 30, I felt like I was perfectly placed to deal with my career transition. However, after spending some dark months trying to figure out what my next challenge was going to be, I noticed there was not much information readily available to people in a similar position – and those that went before me seemed to have also struggled with the sense of no longer having a purpose. So I decided to change that.

“By detailing my own sporting highs and lows, I very quickly highlighted a number of transferable skills and relatable experiences that were both useful to a retiring athlete to recognise and ideal for a potential future employer to take advantage of.

“By accident, there lay the foundations and creation of my very first book!”


Here’s a little taster of Leon’s book Life After Sport


For more information visit Leon’s website