Mintridge Ambassadors Benefit from Switch the Play Masterclass

The Switch the Play and Mintridge Foundation partnership continues to strengthen with the next masterclass being delivered to Ambassadors.

17 Dec Mintridge Ambassadors Benefit from Switch the Play Masterclass

Switch the Play’s successful partnership with Mintridge Charitable Foundation continues this month (December 20th) when STP Non-Executive Director Chris Brindley MBE, delivers its fourth training day to the young ambassadors at Witham Hall School, teaching them about the importance of personal branding.

Speaking about the partnership, Alex Paske, Managing Director of the Foundation and Sunday Times Sports Woman of the Year 2018 Grassroots says, “The StP Directors and Associates deliver a diverse training programme for our Mintridge Ambassadors (professional and ex professional sportspeople) that helps them develop in their life within Mintridge and beyond”.

The StP ‘Brand of You’ Masterclass helps young athletes understand the importance of personal branding and how to create and manage a positive perception through physical appearance, behaviour, personality, knowledge and goals. Ambassadors also learn how to maximise their personal profiles using networking and leveraging existing relationships.

Alex continues, “StP offers brilliant communication in the lead up to all of our programmes enabling it to tailor the individual sessions to our Ambassador’s needs. Whether it is presentation skills, emotional intelligence or maximising their personal brands, Ambassadors leave every session with an increased confidence in delivering to very different audiences and ages from the dynamic and interactive nature of the Switch the Play masterclass. The Switch the Play lead encourages an open dialogue throughout the training which allows Ambassadors to bounce ideas off each other from their huge diversity in sport. Each day is met with huge positivity.”

StP created the Brand of You Masterclass by gleaning the personal experience and expertise of Chris, former MD of Metro Bank: Britain’s greatest ever gymnast, Beth Tweddle; and former professional Rugby player, Leon Lloyd. It is the second training session StP has provided for Mintridge this year.

Chris explains, “Today’s athletes have to contend with more than just training and competing, so it is important that young people learn early on how to handle the limelight, and social media. We work with the young athletes to teach them how create a positive self-image and protect themselves from potential negativity, because how other people perceive them will have a direct impact on their careers.”

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