Helping with transition

Smoothing the way

Every athlete faces three certainties in life; death, taxes and the end of their career! Yet too many find themselves facing an uncertain future after sport, unprepared for the next phase of their lives. We want this to change by helping individuals realise that the very attitude, skills and mindset that have enabled them to reach a high level of competition are transferable and incredibly valuable to their life outside of sport. With the right support, education and mentoring, athletes can be prepared right from the beginning of their career as they take the first steps onto an elite or talent pathway.


We are working to smooth transition by bringing the sports sector together to build a network of support and practical help for athletes, governing bodies, clubs and organisations, parents, and associated professionals.


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The Change Curve:



Every athlete will go through all or some of the stages outlined in the Change Curve before settling into their new lives.


This can be a difficult and emotionally challenging time. Our Masterclasses are designed to guide, inform, empower and provide support to athletes from all sports.


Click here to find out more about our athlete support service Switched On and how it can help you prepare for and experience a smooth Transition.

Making the transition
Switch The Play wants to ensure athletes have a smooth transition. Many athletes find themselves facing uncertain times following their sporting career. Here are three stories of athletes who have transitioned successfully:

Alex Paske - Hockey
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Chris Knight - Rugby
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Ewan Dawes
Ewan Dowes - Rugby
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