Brand Protection

Be in control of your own brand and ensure that it is legally protected.

As your career develops, so too does your brand, creating important profile raising and revenue generating opportunities for you.

During this Masterclass we will help ensure that stay in control of your brand and reputation. We will share the proactive steps you can take to legally protect yourself.

We will look at how to balance commercial obligations to your NGB/ sports body and its sponsors with your own commercial programme.

We will ask what happens in the event that your own actions or those of third parties impact detrimentally on your brand? What practical and legal steps can be taken to limit the damage caused? What can you do to stop a third party exploiting your brand?

During this Masterclass will give you the key tools to understand how best to protect your brand, maximize the revenue generating opportunities and to be aware of the steps to take if your brand is threatened or damaged.

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