Emotional Resiliance

Give strength to the voice inside that tells you “yes, you will, because yes you can.”

Champions are made when the end of the road is in sight, the tank is empty, the light is dark, and they find another level, they keep moving forward.

If at first you don’t succeed…? How often have you come up against a challenge in sport? Sport is full of highs and lows, successes and set-backs, celebrations and sadness – things hit us on a daily basis to knock us off track from our goals. A physical knock can cause injury and despair, but it can be the mental knocks that affect us the most, causing anxiety, anger, sadness, and stealing our confidence. Indeed it’s the knocks we take in trying to reach our biggest goals that hurt the most – what sets apart those who flourish from those who fall comes in part down to emotional resilience.

Delegates will be leave this Masterclass equipped with knowledge of how the brain and body responds to stress and able to use personal experience to explore stress triggers.

Sign up to this class today and give yourself the opportunity to build a personal resilience recipe to thrive through change.

This session is aimed at individual athletes, organisations and groups of athletes or teams.

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