The class offers a valuable insight into how individuals can positively benefit from having a mentor on their journey in sport, in transition and in business!

Whether you are wanting to improve in the world of competitive sport, commence a new journey into the world of business, or grow into a new role in sport after finishing competing, having a mentor provides everyone with the opportunity to test new ideas, thoughts or to de-brief events that have previously happened, to ensure an even better performance next time. In the words of John Crosby, a mentor is a “brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction”

Delegates will leave this session understanding the importance of having mentor(s) in every facet of their sporting career and in planning for the what comes next. You will understand why mentoring can help define a successful transition out of sport and have ideas and individuals to connect with and build meaningful and sustainable mentoring relationships.

This session is aimed at individual athletes, organisations and groups of athletes or teams.

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