The Brand of You

Your brand can be the making of you. Personal branding is about how you are perceived by others and how this influences them. It’s about how you present yourself using a number of factors including physical appearance, behaviour, personality, knowledge and goals.

During this session we will help you develop what you stand for; a brand centered not around what you, do but why you do it. We’ll share insight into what makes people buy into the why, rather than the what, and ensure you leave equipped with the tools to create a lasting impact, and a brand that people trust and want to experience again.
What are my missions and values? What is it that makes me stand out? What is it that my product/service does that is unique? Start to ask yourself these questions with the help of our expert and experienced trainers.

After all, it can take a very long time to create a brand but only seconds to damage it.

This session is aimed directly at athletes and works well in small groups.

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