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Our Switched On members have one thing in common: they have all played sport at an elite level and are now showcasing their talents to the world on our exclusive platform!


Switched On is a membership network for current and former athletes at all stages of their sporting career who want to prepare for a successful life outside of sport. Run by Switch The Play and powered by Wakelet, the platform has been designed to make finding, organising and sharing content about personal sporting achievements much easier.


Membership starts at just £25 a year (excluding VAT), enabling athletes to create an online profile whether they are still competing or retired from sport. We’ll even help members create and make the most of their profile.


As a member, you will also get access to expert advice and a network of athlete peers from across all sports

So have you thought about:


Your ‘brand’ – how it can make or break you. How you present yourself via your online presence; behaviour; public appearances, personal interactions. Every action sends out a signal, be that positive or negative, which means everything you do can have an immediate and lasting impact on your own personal brand and the opportunities linked to it. It can take years and hard work to create a brand, but only seconds to damage it.


Your transferrable skills – the experiences you gain as an athlete are hugely valuable beyond sport – the key is knowing how to bring them together and present them in a compelling way.


Switched On isn’t just about life outside of sport, it is about how you develop yourself as a person now and develop your personal brand, which will help to smooth transition when the time comes. We also know that it is important to have a network of people from across different sports who may have had similar experiences, and can offer ideas, help and connections.


That’s where Switched On can help you.


For more information regarding Switched On including a chance to see how others are showcasing themselves please visit www.wakelet.com/@SwitchThePlay


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“Professionals sometimes focus on what they don’t have any more or what they are about to lose. It doesn’t matter the level you played at, you go through the same emotions. What Switched On does is help bring sports professionals together to realise and articulate what they already have, organise it, and then showcase it. For some, its just a bit of help that’s needed in putting together an online visual CV, others need a bit more guidance and support along the way. Switched On does all that ….and it works.”


Leon Lloyd, former rugby international and Switch the Play Director