STP Response to Duty of Care Review: Call for Evidence

Switch The Play respond to the Duty of Care Review: Call for Evidence. This is one of the first steps we have taken at the very top level to influence the future strategy of care for athletes through and beyond sport.

30 May Response to Duty of Care Review: Call for Evidence

We are excited to share our response the recent Duty of Care Review call for evidence. This comprehensive document outlines recommendations for research and policy that provide a holistic approach to athlete wellbeing. Here, we have highlighted the potential roles and responsibilities of sport clubs and teams, higher / further education, governing bodies, sports funding bodies, agents and talent management, athletes and their families.

The response covers many areas, and specifically sets out 13 key areas for consideration, that will contribute to the improved care for athletes in sport:

  1. Research to better understand athletes needs and requirements
  2. Setting appropriate standards and benchmarks for duty of care
  3. Inclusion of psychological profiling of talent at the beginning of a programme
  4. Help with managing expectations of athletes and parents
  5. Supporting the development and education of coaches and support staff
  6. Rounded education that helps provide transferable skills for second career
  7. Talent Transfer programmes
  8. Using elite sport to create inspiration and aspiration
  9. The power of storytelling
  10. Media exposure
  11. Athlete experience sharing
  12. Overcoming commercial exploitation
  13. Consideration of central solution


All evidence will now be reviewed by the Sport Duty of Care Working Group, lead by Baroness Tanni-Grey Thompson. Following this, the group will release a report, which outlines a strategy to approach Duty of Care in Sport.

We will keep you updated on the latest news, and you can read our full response by following the link below (20 mins).

STP Duty of Care Response – May 2016