STP Guide Premier League Apprenticeship Standards

The STP team are delighted to be working with the Premier League, and are excited by the opportunity to revolutionise career pathways across football.

09 Jun STP Guide Premier League Apprenticeship Standards

The Premier League approached one of the STP Directors during the Autumn of 2015 seeking expertise and independent input around the 16-21 professional development phase across professional football clubs. The work has involved unpicking Government policy around Apprenticeships; the importance of developing well-rounded, socially sound citizens as well as players; and identifying opportunities for seamless progression and transition – employment, further training and higher education.

A new trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard has been drafted, and a number of key personnel from across premier league academies have had the opportunity to input and co author the proposed new programme of learning. Utilising previous experiences in developing the AASE framework, alongside work to develop minimum standards for player welfare and athlete lifestyle, STP have been given the opportunity to help develop something which has the potential to create a player of the future.

In addition, STP have been asked to consider the implications of the new Apprenticeship Levy for the Premier League and its shareholder clubs. This has a significant opportunity to revolutionise and redefine career pathways across professional football and embracing all relevant occupations and departments which make a professional club operate successfully – socially and fiscally. 

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