Supporting Athlete Transition - Networking Lunch and Masterclasses

03 May Supporting Athlete Transition – Networking Lunch and Masterclasses

At Switch The Play, supporting athletes to transition to fulfill their potential through and beyond sport is what drives us. We believe that supporting the holistic development of athletes at all stages of the athlete lifecycle helps to develop better people and better athletes.

We are therefore pleased to invite you to a networking lunch on Thursday 18th May, at Hotel Football in Manchester to launch a new service, in partnership with Wakelet, aimed at supporting athletes in raising their profile and demonstrating their transferable skills that have been developed through their sporting journeys. We are also excited to introduce our newest Director, who brings an inspirational story of transition from Olympic medal winning athlete to successful business woman.

To confirm the practical details:

Date: Thursday 18th May
Venue: Hotel Football, 99 Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester, M16 0SZ
Timings: 12.00-14.00

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There’s more! As part of our commitment to supporting athletes through and beyond their sporting journey, we have put together a taster of four of our most popular Masterclasses. To enable you, your athletes, or colleagues to get a better understanding of how we can support you, we are delighted to offer these at a substantially discounted price of £40.00 per person (excluding VAT).

Please note all attendees of the Masterclasses will be invited to join the networking lunch, before or after their respective Masterclass, providing a valuable opportunity to interact with other athletes, practitioners and decision makers across sport and business.

Please see below for details of the Masterclasses that we are offering and how to book.

The Brand of You: Your ‘brand’ can be the making or breaking of you. Personal branding is about how you are perceived by others and how this influences them. It’s about how you present yourself using a number of factors including physical appearance, behaviour, personality, knowledge and goals. Your every action sends out a signal, be that positive or negative, which means that everything you do can have an immediate and lasting impact on your own personal brand and the opportunities that are linked. It can take years and hard work to create a brand, but only seconds to damage it.

Delivered by our newest Director to be announced on the day, alongside Chris Brindley, Non Executive Director of Switch The Play and former Managing Director of Metro Bank.

Start time and duration 10:30am – 12:30pm

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Self-Awareness: I love to plan; my partner prefers to act on impulse. I love to be the centre of attention; my sister prefers the solitude of her own company and a good book. My house is a complete mess; my mum’s house is the epitome of order. Have you ever wondered why we are all subtly different, why we all have our own unique way of doing things; our individual likes and dislikes; or our annoying habits and attractive qualities? Every behaviour or action we produce is the result of our own personal beliefs, attitudes, past experiences, emotions, feelings, memories, perceptions, and unique character type.

Delivered by Dr. Jenn Bennett, Leading Performance Psychologist currently working with the FA.

Start time and duration 10.30-12.30pm

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Transferable Skills: Identifying and effectively communicating your transferable skills is vitally important when seeking your next career, and managing your current one. Understanding your individual role within a team and how your actions and decisions impact on others does not just happen in sport. However, having the ability to make decisions under intense pressure, the resilience to bounce back from setbacks and being a good communicator are a few everyday key skills that employers desperately seek to enhance their teams.

Delivered by Switch The Play Director, former England Rugby International, and author of ‘Life After Sport,’ Leon Lloyd

Start time and duration 14.00 – 16.00.

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Maximising Your Network: The Founder of the media giant IMG said, “when all things are equal people do business with people they like”. That may be obvious, but he then went on to say “ when things are unequal, people still do business with people they like”. This sums up why networking is so important, particularly in planning ahead for a future career and can help the transition journey much easier. Building effective networks is a trained skill, like anything else and this Masterclass will show you how to create one, work with one and benefit from one to make your life richer and more successful.

Delivered by Chris Brindley, Non Executive Director of Switch The Play and former Managing Director of Metro Bank

Start time and duration 14.00 – 16.00.

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We like to keep busy…

The final thing to share is an invite to join us at a Pro-Manchester Sport Industry Group business event on the topic of Life after Sport, that takes place on the same day. The event is hosted by Mills and Reeve in Manchester City Centre from 17.30 – 19.30. For more information and to register your free attendance please click here.

Thank you again for your continued support!

James, Rob, Steve, Leon & Chris
The STP Team

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