Switch the Play shows athletes how their skills can work on and off the field

Transferable skills masterclass announced at Hartpury College 21st March

26 Feb Switch the Play shows athletes how their skills can work on and off the field

On March 21st, Switch the Play will be hosting a Transferable Skills Masterclass at Hartpury College, Gloucester, that will teach both current and former athletes how to identify those skills which can be transfered into the workplace, preparing them to succeed in life outside of sport.

The purpose of the Masterclass is to demonstrate how important it is for athletes to start to prepare for this transition as early in their sporting career as possible because forced retirement can happen at any time.

Failure to prepare for life out of sport can be catastrophic with the recent BBC State of Sport report highlighting that only three out of 10 athletes choose when to leave their sport, with the rest being forced out through injury or early termination of contracts. The BBC report also stated that 50% of sports people who had been forced into early retirement struggled to move on in life.

However, with an increasing number of employers seeking out former athletes because of their valuable skills, such as commitment, teamwork, tenacity and decision making under pressure, athletes also have a unique opportunity to transition successfully into other fields of work. The Switch the Play Transferable Skills Masterclass will teach athletes how to identify the relevant skills and promote them to a potential employer.

During the Masterclass, delegates will hear from former England International Rugby Player, Leon Lloyd, who has experienced the transition from professional sport into the corporate world.

Leon, who has recently become CEO at Switch the Play, explains, “As a former professional sports person I know how easy it is to develop tunnel vision and not even think of life outside of sport.

“When I was forced into retirement through injury, naturally I was devastated but most of all I was anxious about what else I could do. All I had ever planned for was to be a Rugby player. Luckily, I sought mentoring and was shown how to transfer my skills and today I utilise these in other areas of work and have enjoyed success. I am now committed to using my experience to teach athletes how to do the same.

As CEO of Switch the Play, Leon works with a team of athletes who have also experienced the high and lows of transitioning out of sport, including Beth Tweddle, former Olympic Gymnast. Together they are encouraging athletes and sporting organisations everywhere to equip sports people with the confidence and skills to make it outside of sport.

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