Presentation Skills Masterclass Equips Athletes with Winning Principles

In StP's Presentation Skills Masterclass athletes learn the key principles behind an effective presentation and how applying them in everyday situations can make the difference between success or failure. Here is a brief insight into some of those.

26 Jun How to Win a Presentation – A Switch the Play Masterclass

When it comes to presentation skills, BBC presenter, Ben Croucher, is a professional – literally. He spends his days producing match reports and presenting sports bulletins for BBC News and BBC World TV. He has also presented live to thousands at London 2012 as an events host of Diving, Water Polo, Goalball and Wheelchair Basketball, and regularly hosts sporting events and dinners across the country.

Ben has used his years of presenting experience to create an engaging and informative Masterclass for Switch the Play which outlines some of the essential requirements for a successful presentation.

With so many everyday situations requiring the basics of good presentation skills, applying certain principles can make the difference between success and failure. Whether a potential employee is presenting to a possible employer, or a start-up company needs to persuade a bank manager to loan a significant amount of money, if the presentation is clear and engaging it is more likely to produce the desired outcome.

Here is a brief excerpt from Switch the Play’s Presentation Skills Masterclass:

  1. Nail Your Opening

The most important part of any presentation is the opening 1-2 minutes. If you lose your audience here, you may not be able to get them back. Spend a higher proportion of time ensuring your opening is clear, engaging, different and personal to you. Grab your audiences’ attention and make sure you practice the start of your presentation several times to see what works and what you’re comfortable with. Film yourself.

  1. Preparation. Preparation

Knowing your subject thoroughly doesn’t ensure a fantastic presentation. There are some fundamental questions you should be asking your host before the event which will help you hit the target and engage your audience. This might include how many people are in the audience, who exactly will be watching the presentation and how long do you have to present. The answer to these will help you formulate a succinct presentation.

  1. Key Points

What are the key points to your presentation and how do you identify them? Don’t wait until the end to get them in. If you’re pushed for time, you may miss them out, so try to touch upon them early in your presentation and elaborate on them later

  1. Make it Visual

Mix up the delivery and try to make it visual and interactive. Encourage the audience to participate and think about some questions you can ask. It is also a good idea to mix your voice with pictures, videos and demonstrations.

  1. Burst the Bubble

It’s OK to move around a bit – we don’t have to stand behind a lectern or pace backwards and forwards at the front of the room? Try to mingle in with your audience. It helps break the invisible barrier between them and you and should encourage greater engagement and participation

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