Switch the Play's CEO Leon Lloyd speaks at the Royal Society of Medicine

27 Mar Switch the Play’s CEO Leon Lloyd speaks at the Royal Society of Medicine

Leon Lloyd, CEO at StP, spoke at The Royal Society of Medicine about all aspects of the transition process from the perspective of an athlete and asked whether medical professionals were really the best people to tell athletes that their careers were over.

“Delivering the final judgement that will determine whether it is possible, or safe, for an athlete to continue in their career, can often be life-changing,” explains Leon. “As well as the obvious inconveniences and problems associated with rehabilitation itself, this news can be the catalyst to a downward spiral of fear and anxiety because, unfortunately, many athletes have made no preparation for a sudden exit from sport.”

Taking all of this into consideration, Leon asked the medical professionals to consider whether this life-changing news may be better delivered by the club doctor or personal Physio who knows the individual and their unique circumstances. This would mean the athlete is more likely to receive the correct counsel and support while they transition to a new life outside of sport, which may include connecting them to organisations like StP.

Dan Brooke, sport and exercise medicine Doctor said of the day, “Leon spoke to a crowd of 100 doctors, including GPs, junior doctors and sport and exercise medicine doctors. He spoke with amazing clarity and honest insight into his life as a professional athlete and how difficult it was transitioning from life as a sportsman back into the real world.

“We got an incredible insight into the importance of helping athletes develop during their careers and how they should have support to develop as people during their sporting careers. I’m sure all were impacted by the thoughts and questions Leon posed and took away a lot of points to use in their practice. I think all who were in attendance will have a greater sense of responsibility to the player as a person and not just an athlete and to help steer athletes towards services such as Switch the Play. I’m sure we all agree that ‘better people, make better athletes’.”

If you are a medical professional who would like to know more about handling this type of situation, please get in contact.