Taking the stage at Elevate


Switch The Play Director, Leon Lloyd, is all set to share his experiences and spark debate at the upcoming event at Olympia London.

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28 Apr Taking the stage at Elevate

Elevate is the UK’s first cross-sector event bringing together the physical activity sector, academia, healthcare, government and performance experts and we are pleased to say that we’ll be taking the stage on the second day of the event – on the 5th May – to talk about ‘Life After Sport – Career Transition’.

The seminar, which will be led by Switch the Play Director Leon Lloyd, focusses on the important issues surrounding effective career transition for athletes.

Professional athletes can experience amazing highs and lows during their careers but, when that part of their existence comes to an end, they often encounter periods of low self esteem and struggle to find what life now has to offer.

Remembering past emotions experienced from huge successes while thriving on performing in high pressured environments in the public eye, is sometimes impossible to recreate. This can leave individuals with a sense of lack of purpose and direction.

Understanding that this junction will arrive at some point early in their career will help athletes better prepare and use the transition as a springboard into their next career choice.

For more information go to www.elevatearena.com