“The most embarrassing England defeat ever”

After the recent shocking England defeat by Euro underdogs Iceland, STP Director Leon, sheds light on the psychological effects of suffering such a high profile loss.

01 Jul “The most embarrassing England defeat ever”

“There is no way back after England exit, the coach has to go”

You could be forgiven for thinking that those headlines were taken from the papers earlier this week.

Instead that was what was printed after England were dumped out of our own Rugby World Cup in the pool stages! Some would argue that is a far worse scenario than what our round-balled brothers have faced recently. But fast forward 8 months and the England Rugby team are ranked number 2 in the world, having delivered a record breaking 3-0 series victory against the mighty Australians who knocked us out, and on their home patch too.

What can football learn from the dark days this country seems to have faced before? No hasty decisions about the replacement coach? Seek an independent review on the organisational culture? What are the best teams in the world doing differently to us and why?

Having been lucky enough to experience it myself, I for one refuse to believe that the lads are not passionate about pulling on the England jersey. I believe they did do everything they could to win. So something else is fundamentally flawed in the system.

Having been involved in great teams that have experienced shocking defeats, that to this day still haunt me, I know that the pain everyone is feeling right now will fade but it will never go away. In my opinion, that is a good thing. Throughout my own sporting career I believed that for me to fully appreciate the ‘Sweet’, I must have first experienced the ‘Sour’.

There are so many challenges that players and managers face through periods of perceived under performing. They will have top psychologists involved in overcoming such a defeat. The importance here is how these feelings and emotions are channeled within the game and outside. Overcoming failure and embarrassment are also incredibly important skills within business, so everything they learn will be directly transferrable, into situations off the field of play.

Like in rugby, lets maybe arrange a rematch with Iceland in 8 months to measure how far we have come…