Athlete Support Service Switched On Launches in Manchester

22 Jun Unique New Athlete Support Service Launches in Manchester

Last month Switch the Play invited athletes, coaches, govening bodies and practioners to Hotel Football in Manchester for the launch of Switched On.

This unique new service is aimed at sportsmen and women at every stage of their career. It aims to develop and recognise skills that can be used outside sport making tranistion much easier when the time comes. The event was supported by a number of high profile names including retired Olympic Swimmer Steve Parry, and former British Lion Neil Back. Watch the highlights now:

Run by Switch the Play and powered by Wakelet, Switched On provides members with an online platform which makes it much easier to organise, and share content. Instead of searching pages and pages of google, potential employers can now browse content collections which showcase every element of an athletes experience to date, including the bits that happen off the track or field like charity work, and public speaking.

Former World Champion and Switch the Play Director Beth Tweddle says:

Switched On isn’t just about life after sport, it is about how you develop yourself as a person now and develop your personal brand, which will help to smooth transition. We also know that it is important to have a network of people from across different sports who may have had similar experiences, and can offer ideas, help and connections. That’s where Switched On can help you.

With several different levels of membership the service has been designed to meet the needs of athletes at all stages of their journey with a clear message that it is never too early to be thinking about life after sport. As well as showcasing achievements, members can choose from a wide range of masterclasses designed to address many of the challenges brought about by transition. Being Switched On also brings access to a network of like-minded individuals from the sport and corporate sectors.

Find out more about membership and how to join here