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Our programme of masterclasses educates and empowers athletes, encouraging them to prepare for a fulfilling life outside of sport. Being well prepared for the eventuality of retirement, for whatever reason, reduces the anxiety of what happens next helping the athlete to enjoy their time in sport. Having interests outside of sport has also been shown to help performance. For the full list of masterclasses click here.


We also encourage athletes to start collating and showcasing their sporting successes through our Switched On platform. This is an online Athlete Membership network designed to showcase the best of you for sponsors, charities and future employers. Find out more about Switched On click here.


Our athletes include:

  • Athletes on the talent pathway for their respective sport
  • Athletes released from a talent pathway
  • Parents of athletes
  • The elite/professional athlete considering their future
  • The transitioning elite/professional athlete
  • Any athlete in sport. It is never too early to prepare for life outside of sport as part of your plan for success in life.


You can find out more about our specific services for players and athletes in this section of our website.


We also support professionals working directly with individual athletes, with a particular focus on those working in player welfare, education and performance lifestyle roles.


This includes:


  • Coaches
  • Support staff

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