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No two challenges are identical. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to deliver the required solution – whatever the situation.

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Whatever your challenge and wherever you are in your career, you can be confident that we have the answer.

All of our services are designed to work together and feed into each other. Depending on your requirements, each can be delivered as a standalone solution or combined into one effective comprehensive package.


Analysis of current approaches to transition and duty of care at a system, organisational, or individual level:


By reviewing systems and processes, we develop a detailed understanding of strengths and vulnerabilities. As a result, we help our clients see how they can improve their work related to transition or indeed an individual’s approach towards transition.


Understanding current approaches & identifying new solutions:


Research doesn’t just form a central part of our Knowledge and Insight Hub. Through our network of academics, researchers and practitioners we can be commissioned to deliver primary research on a range of transition related topics – the focus is always on either informing policy change or supporting practioners in the delivery of transition support services. Our research can be a standlone piece of work but is often embedded as part of a wider brief.


Research themes could include:


  • Developing a deeper understanding of a target group in relation to the talent or performance journey to comprehend the effectiveness of transition support and how this could be developed going forwards
  • Informing the development of workforce training and continuing professional development (CPD) approaches through an understanding of the role and skills required to support transition.
  • Tracking exit routes of athletes on exit from a programme to understand different progression pathways and any support that might be missing.
  • Evaluating impacts of individual organisations or contribution of specific sectors to the transition journey.
  • Athlete skills and employability – assessing the impact of performance programmes on the development of key transferable skills and graduate attributes and employability.
  • The role of education in supporting second career transition.
  • Workforce skills and employability – assessing the progression routes of graduates with aspirations to work in the sports industry, identifying the key factors in successful progression.


We are committed to utilising the work we do to constantly review and challenge the services and advice we offer – our work is our case studies.

Standard Setting

Establishing good practice guidelines and benchmarking frameworks for duty of care:


There is an important role for benchmarking standards relating to the duty of care agenda. We help by establishing overarching standards or benchmarking frameworks where they aren’t in place – or by reviewing them where there is a need for a refresh.


This could be at a system level – across multiple sports, in a single sport, related to a talent pathway within a sport or from a sectoral approach.


It could also be at an organisational level  – within Player Unions, Clubs, individual institutions or service providers.

Designing Solutions

Translating theory to practice:


We don’t just review and make recommendations. Through our network of experts we can help design new solutions to support the transition journey. This could include workforce training and continuing professional development (CPD) programmes, education offers, specific transition support services or informing approaches of specific service providers.


Planning for and operational delivery of transition support services:


With a network of practitioners who have worked on a range of frontline services across sport we can bring together the thought leaders who get results. Turning great ideas into great delivery doesn’t always happen – our focus is on getting this right. Our support could be in the implementation planning phase right through to operational delivery of a service or programme.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Improving performance and achieving results:


Effective monitoring and evaluation helps improve performance and achieve results. Our goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact – whether that be in looking at systems, organisational approaches or individual programmes of activity.

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