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We provide support at three different levels

System & Policy Level

At this level our focus is on those organisations or collaborations with strategic responsibility or influence over duty of care from a multi-agency perspective. They are not always the organisations that employ the athletes, players, coaches or support staff but they drive the policy that influences how this duty of care is overseen.


This could include:


  • Multiple sports, e.g. Central Government, Non-Departmental Public Bodies
  • A sport, e.g. National Governing Bodies of sport
  • A talent pathway within a sport, e.g. National Governing Bodies of sport, Professional Leagues
  • An overarching programme within a sport that supports duty of care, e.g. educational offers or performance lifestyle support for those on talent pathways.
  • A sectoral perspective – multi sports, multi stakeholders, e.g. Higher Education or Further Education.

Organisational Level

At this level our services focus on working with those who have a direct responsibilty for duty of care and transition, either through employment, or as a programme/service/education deliverer. Whilst they operate within a policy and regulatory framework they have a direct relationship with athletes, players, coaches or support staff.


This includes:


  • Professional Leagues
  • Professional Players Unions
  • Professional Sports Clubs / Teams
  • Professional Workforce Associations, Chartered Bodies, or license to practice schemes
  • Individual Universities or Colleges (including individual sports performance programmes)
  • Sporting Charities
  • Service providers or employers in the sector, e.g. Sports Camp/independent academy providers, organisations providing sports analysis services, training providers, careers and recruitment agencies etc
  • County Sport Partnerships
  • Sports/Player Management Agencies.

Individual Level

At this level the focus is on directly supporting those preparing for or working through transition, alongside those professionals working in roles directly working with individual athletes.


This includes:


  • Young athletes on the talent pathway in a given sport
  • Young athletes who have been rejected from a talent pathway
  • Parents of athletes
  • Athletes in tertiary education with talent
  • The elite/professional athlete considering their future
  • The retiring elite/professional athlete
  • Coaches
  • Support staff, with a particular focus on professionals working in player welfare, education and performance lifestyle roles.


This is all underpinned by our Knowledge and Insight Hub with its focus on developing and applying the latest insights to help inform the solutions and interventions. The Hub will become a virtuous circle as it is constantly informed by the lessons of our applied delivery across the sector.

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