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The Mintridge Foundation

The Mintridge Foundation is a charity that teams up with sports ambassadors to encourage children to participate in sport. Through their partnership with Switch the Play, Mintridge benefit from the many networking opportunities while their ambassadors get access to a programme of training and mentoring designed to help them in their life outside of sport and their work with Mintridge.

Training Programmes

Alex Wallace (nee Paske), Managing Director of The Mintridge Foundation and Sunday Times Grassroots Sports Woman of the Year in 2018, says: "Switch the Play tailors their masterclasses to the needs of our ambassadors. Whether it is presentation skills, emotional intelligence or maximising their personal brands, our ambassadors leave every session with an increased confidence in delivering the work they do with us to very differing audiences and ages."

Further Collaboration

Thanks to the generous support of The Mintridge Foundation, Switch the Play were able to establish their Leadership and Corporate Governance Masterclass. This interactive session is designed for both current and former sportspeople who are considering leadership or ambassadorial roles, either within or outside of sport.

"We're proudly supporting Switch the Play's Leadership Masterclass to promote the importance of strong knowledge and understanding of good governance" says Wallace, "Going through a steep learning curve ourselves within the charity sector, we have seen first-hand what a positive, forward thinking and balanced board can achieve. Attendees of the classes will leave equipped with the skillsets they will need through the fun, competitive and dynamic approach to the sessions."

Networking Opportunities

The Mintridge Foundation recognise that Switch The Play provide many networking opportunities for them and their ambassadors. "They're a great opportunity to meet potential ambassadors and new partners and that proved to be the case when I met Erin Moroney, the Founder of Nibble Protein," said Alex. "Erin and Nibble Protein have been fantastic to work with, both on a professional and personal level. It’s thanks to Erin - and Switch the Play's introduction - that I won the Sunday Times award which has exposed The Mintridge Foundation to more corporate partners than ever before and has developed our first media partner in The Times & The Sunday Times as well. It just shows that networking in a relaxed atmosphere with the right people can be a very rewarding experience".