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Smoothing Transition
It’s a harsh reality that most talented young athletes never achieve their dream of sustaining a career as an elite professional and even those that do will often fail to acknowledge that things don’t last forever.


Coping with this rejection and making an effective transition is tough, especially if you haven’t had help to develop in a balanced way or been given the skills to pursue alternative career paths.


That’s where we come in.

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Real life. Real challenges.

Statistics can only go so far. To bring things to life, we’ve compiled a selection of stories that highlight the real challenges of rejection and transition in sport. In each case you’ll see how it’s possible to overcome these challenges with the positive contribution from a variety of organisations, support networks and an inner drive to succeed.

Help from industry experts
At Switch The Play, we’ve worked with sports people at all stages of their professional development so are acutely aware of the challenges being faced. Combining this experience with ongoing research and new insight, we apply our expertise and passion to make sure individuals get the help they need.


As a social enterprise, we help shape or inform policy at the very top, we help organisations implement policy in the best way possible and we work directly with athletes, players, students and support staff to deliver positive life-shaping outcomes.