Fulfilling potential through and beyond sport

Smoothing Transition

We are a social enterprise dedicated to improving the support offered to elite and aspiring athletes and players as they transition to a life outside of sport.


Through the expertise and first-hand experience of our team members, which include decorated sportspeople in their field, Beth Tweddle, Leon Lloyd and Emma Mason. We aim to make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of athletes across all sports through influencing policy and working collaboratively with Clubs, Governing Bodies, Player Associations, parents and the athletes themselves.

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Real life. Real challenges.
To bring things to life, we’ve compiled a selection of stories from elite and aspiring athletes that highlight the real challenges of dealing with rejection and facing a life outside of sport. Each case demonstrates how it’s possible to enjoy an incredibly fulfilling and successful life outside of sport when athletes receive support This support, coupled with an existing inner drive to succeed, have been proven to translate into a winning formula.
Help from industry experts

Through our extensive work with elite and aspiring athletes, we have a clear understanding of the challenges faced and opportunities presented when moving from a life in sport to a life outside of sport and have developed a range of products and services to help athletes make this transition.


We help our athletes in the following ways:


  • Masterclasses – our in-depth education programme which can be tailored to an athlete or club’s specific requirements
  • Switched On – an Athlete Membership network that includes a unique online platform that our athletes use to showcase their impressive sporting and non-sporting portfolios and helps to translate their transferable skills
  • One to one mentoring – our athletes have access to those who have walked the walk as well as leaders in business, providing invaluable advice along the way
  • Influencing Duty of Care policies – working with clubs and professional bodies to ensure the needs of their athletes are being met

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