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CSM, part of the Chime Challenger Network, is a global integrated marketing and brand experience agency working across sport, entertainment, media, social impact and more. Driven by a team of 1000+ people in 25+ locations, their purpose is to pursue extraordinary. Connecting with people through their passion points, we build brands, work with rights holders and create live experiences.

As part of the partnership, CSM provide a range of support from mentoring Switch the Play athletes on different career pathways within the industry, to guidance on enhancing digital assets such as their website. CSM will also be assisting with fundraising activities for the foundation. A number of CSM employees will spend time with the charity as part of the company’s ‘Give Back Day’ initiative which gives all employees two days a year that they can spend out of the office, away from their day jobs, to help a cause of their choice. The partnership forms part of CSM’s wider Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, to support local communities.

We are grateful to have the expertise and insight that CSM offer and are thrilled to be their charity partner.