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The Players Fund

With a mission to empower athletes as proactive investors and ambassadors of change, The Players Fund seeks to identify and support disruptive startups and entrepreneurs across various sectors within digital consumerism.

The Players Fund is pioneering a new frontier in venture capital as the UK's first athlete-led fund, founded by athletes, to empower the athlete community as investors. The first-of-its-kind fund brings together a collective of renowned athlete investors alongside seasoned VCs, leveraging their combined expertise, global access to opportunities and value creation ability, to support exceptional entrepreneurs and accelerate the future of athlete investing. 

Education is also hugely important to the founding team, resulting in an education partnership with The European Sports Business School and Switch The Play Foundation, the athlete transition charity, to further educate athletes about the venture and enterprise. By partnering with Switch the Play, they aim to provide comprehensive support and resources to athletes beyond their sporting careers. 


Read the full press release here.