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#LifeOutsideOfSport Webinar - David Nash

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10 March 2021


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Come and join us for the first #LifeOutsideOfSport webinar with former cricketer David Nash.

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In the first of a series of webinars showcasing sportspeople in #LifeOutsideOfSport, David Nash, or Nashy will be joining us to discuss some of the secrets to his success since he finished playing cricket over 10 years ago. 

After a 22-year playing career with over 250 appearances for Middlesex County Cricket, Nashy was determined to be successful in whatever he did next. Nashy proceeded to build a business that has raised over £20 million for charities across the UK.

Nashy will be sharing his secrets to success. He will talk about the things he learned during his cricket career that have enabled him to build up his brilliant business. You will have the opportunity to listen, ask questions and learn from someone who has been in a situation that every sportspersonw will face at some point of their life - the end of their sporting career. You can also find out more about Nashy's book that will be coming out soon! 

Join us on 10th March at 13:00 for an hour with Nashy. We can't wait! 

You can read more about Nashy at

This webinar is completely free thanks to the generous support of our charitable partners.  

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