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#more2me Premier League

Athlete Support Gains Momentum

Posted on: 06 March 2019 by Emily Lake

The English Institute of Sport’s (EIS) successful launch of its #More2Me Campaign last week has paved the way for other sporting organisations to create tangible support frameworks for supporting their athletes in planning for life outside of sport, says Switch the Play (StP).

StP’s CEO, Leon Lloyd says, “Athletes are talented individuals who, given the right tools and education, are capable of recreating success in a life outside of sport. By taking such a high -profile stance in supporting its athletes, the EIS has given this important subject the opportunity needed to bring this issue into the forefront.”

StP has been working with a wide variety of sports and organisations to educate athletes about how to balance life and sport for the past few years. StP recently worked with Arsenal FC to educate its young players on how to handle being an elite athlete, and what preparation is needed to ensure a successful transition out of football.

Following completion of the training, 100% of the young footballers stated they were now aware of the importance of planning for life outside of sport, and that they already had skills that can transfer into success outside of sport. These transferable skills are so important, as research shows that 90% of professional athletes need to seek alternative employment after their professional contract ends.

Leon adds, “StP delivered two Masterclasses to two groups of players: Brand of You and Transferable Skills. Players engaged with both sessions well and feedback was extremely positive. Knowing that all the boys are now placing importance on planning for life after sport, with a greater understanding of the support network around them, is exactly why StP commits to this area of work.

“The fact young players have made it into the Arsenal Academy is proof that they have a drive and determination to succeed. StP helps works with Clubs and its young athletes to help channel this desire for success into additional areas so that transition can be a positive experience.”

Rebecca Rowe, Arsenal Academy Player Liaison and Welfare Officer says, “The sessions created a chance for learning and development, and our players continued to discuss the content in the days following. We would highly recommend Switch the Play to other academies and we are looking forward to them on future projects.

“Leon ensured both Masterclasses were specific and relevant to Arsenal, so the players benefited hugely from the sessions and the level of engagement was excellent. StP’s professionalism and the effort that the deliverers made, was impressive.”

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