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Men's Health Week 2024

Posted on: 13 June 2024 by Switch the Play Foundation

This week is Men’s Health Week and is a chance to focus on the issues that face men and boys. This year there is a big focus on prostate and testicular health which are unique to men and boys. There is an encouragement to seek appropriate medical advice when any changes or concerns are noted as early intervention is so important.

The week is also reminder of the importance of being pro-active and managing health issues by encouraging men and boys to take make informed and personal decisions about their lifestyle choices which affect their physical and mental health.

At Switch the Play, we are focussed on supporting athletes with their mental health as they look to transition away from their sporting career.

In a joint partnership between our trained associates and DOCIAsport, our service offers athletes and sports organisations access to a masterclass and resources from Mental Health UK, plus free, confidential advice with experts in athlete support.

We focus on:

If you, a friend or colleague would benefit from this support, please click this link to get in touch:

Please remember to seek medical advice for any changes you notice.

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