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New partnership will upskill elite athletes and prepare them for life outside sport

Posted on: 15 August 2019 by Emily Lake

Switch the Play (StP) and Oil Brokerage, specialist brokers in gas and oil, have become partners in a programme to train and up-skill elite athletes; better preparing them for life outside of sport and increasing their awareness of potential career opportunities.

Together, StP and Oil Brokerage will design and deliver a suite of bespoke ‘Athlete Transition’ training days which expose athletes to a range of STP masterclasses and Oil Brokerage Ltd training relevant to its industry. This includes the free upcoming Transition Day where current and former athletes will experience a range of StP masterclass and where Oil Brokerage will be offering one lucky attendee a job opportunity after the day! For more information on this event, find out more here and email Emily today to secure your place.

Leon Lloyd, STP CEO says, “StP forms strategic partnerships that develop our market leading career transition services and increase the number of organisations we can signpost athletes too. Oil Brokerage’s work culture is ideal for former athletes who thrive in hard-working and competitive teams.”

Established in 1989, Oil Brokerage has enjoyed a successful growth trajectory, expanding its original product portfolio from physical gasoline to a brokerage offering which can service products across the barrel and across all geographies. It’s fast-paced, energetic and competitive environment is an attractive workplace for individuals who enjoy the camaraderie of working as part of a competitive team which places an importance on friendship and hard work.

With an existing appreciation of an elite athlete’s skill-set, Oil Brokerage recognises that professional sportspeople make highly desirable employees as JP O’Reilly, Performance Director explains, “As a former professional rugby player myself, I understand the highs and lows of transitioning out of full- time sport.

“Helping athletes to understand their potentials, and showing them some exciting career opportunities outside of sport, can dispel fears of the unknown. Working with StP we also hope to increase the awareness of Oil Brokerage Ltd as a potential post-athletic career employment route with the aim of selectively recruiting former athletes who have undergone StP education and/or mentoring.”

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Details of our upcoming Transition Day with Oil Brokerage below:

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