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Small Charity Week

Small Charity Week 2020

Posted on: 12 June 2020 by Jessie Smeding and Luke Jennings

In February 2020 Switch the Play officially became the Switch the Play Foundation (StP).  In light of small charity week, we would like to share our journey so far and thank you for your support!

Research has shown that athletes often face challenges when transitioning out of sport, ranging from struggling with their mental health, loss of identity and financial difficulties. At StP our aim is to ensure that all sportspeople, irrespective of what they achieved in their sporting careers, are supported in fulfilling their potential outside of sport.

2020 has taken some unexpected turns to say the least, but gaining charity status has enabled us to support more people than ever before.

To ensure we continued to support sports people during these challenging times, we took to Zoom and hosted 26 online webinars/masterclasses. Across these 26 sessions, we have had 366 attendees and now have 180 Switched On members from 20+ different sports. We are continuing to empower sportspeople to plan for, and manage, a successful transition to life outside of sport.

To top it off, in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire we have launched the Professional Practice: Lifestyle Management in Sport (MSc).

Our journey as the Switch the Play Foundation has only just started and we are excited to be able to support, educate and develop more sportspeople than ever due to our charitable status. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news and upcoming Masterclasses!

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