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StP Partners with LAPS for Careers Event at Adidas

Posted on: 22 February 2019 by Emily Lake

Adidas HQ is the venue for the next Switch the Play masterclass, as part of the ongoing LAPS (Life After Professional Sport) members’ meet-up event series. Held in Stockport on 27th February, the masterclass will focus on Transferable Skills and is designed specifically for elite athletes looking to transition away from professional sport.

The event, being run in association with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, is intended to encourage athletes to consider potential career paths after sport. In particular, the session will highlight how athletes can transfer skills learned during sports performance experiences, into other settings.

Adidas employs several current and former athletes amongst its global workforce of 55,000. During the event, delegates will hear from some of these employees about their careers after sport and have an opportunity to ask questions during a live Q&A session.

StP’s Masterclass will breakdown the subject of Transferable skills even further and highlight some of the attributes that employers find attractive in high-level sports people, such as decision making under pressure, resilience to bounce back from setbacks and good communication within a team.

Leon Lloyd, CEO at StP says, “This event proves how a cohesive approach between organisations in both the sporting and corporate worlds can create a tangible pathway for successful athlete transition.

“Athletes will realise global brands like Adidas place a value on the skills honed by sports professionals during their career, and we hope they see transition out of sport as an exciting opportunity.”

For more information about Switch the Play and its Masterclasses, please visit here.

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