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Play It Forward Panel

Professor David Lavallee

Prof. David Lavallee is Professor of Duty of Care in Sport at Abertay University.  His work aims to protect and grow trustworthiness in sport, and contribute to more responsible support for the people involved, whether they take part or deliver sport in some way. He is a former All-American soccer player and believes this project is important because it can harness generativity, which is when an individual wants to contribute to future generations by caring, sharing and engaging in work that helps pass on their experiences in positive ways. 

Dr Emma Kavanagh

Dr Emma Kavanagh is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Psychology and Coaching Sciences at Bournemouth University and a BASES Accredited Performance Psychologist and Chartered Sport and Exercise Scientist, working with a number of athletes at National and International level. As a researcher in athlete welfare, Emma champions the importance of athlete voice. She believes this project is an essential way to share insights across this community; learning about what is important to athletes directly from them.

Kelly Massey OLY

Kelly Massey is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education at Liverpool John Moores University, and is currently completing her Doctoral Degree in Elite Athlete Identity Transitions.  She is a former International 400m athlete for Great Britain and Northern Ireland and has Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European medals to her name.  She believes research on elite performers through the lens of a researcher who is or has been an elite performer brings valuable and unique knowledge, understanding and experience to the table that only this dual identity can bring.

Kieron Achara OLY

Kieron Achara was captain of Great Britain Basketball and earned 105 international caps. Kieron also competed in the 2012 London Olympics and the 2018 Commonwealth Games, where he captained the Scotland team. Kieron completed his MSc in Leadership and Management at Northumbria University with a dissertation on factors that contribute to a successful transition out of elite sport. He feels that athletes sharing academic research can add credibility and encourage more athletes to have a voice in duty of care. 

Dr Natalie Campbell

Being involved in education (from schools to HE) and sport (from grassroots to Team GB), Dr Natalie Campbell has a deep passion for exploring and developing the power that these two mutually beneficial arenas bring. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire. She would very much describe herself as a Prac-Ademic; moving across, within and between academic research and elite sports practitioner work. Her work is rooted in understanding identity and belonging from a values-driven consideration of social-psychology, and enjoy any challenge or experience that allows her to support individuals and teams to become the best versions of themselves possible.