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Take and Give Care


Purpose of the masterclass

Those involved in sport have a responsibility ensuring that they and thosearound them are looked after appropriately. It is critical that there are processes in place that protect and care for all involved in sport. In partnership with DOCIAsport, this masterclass will help to raise awareness and educate around mental health issues surrounding athlete transition. It will seek to promote support solutions and ensure that there is effective duty of care processes in place for both athletes and that the “people looking after the people” are also supported.

Who’s it for?

Individual sportspeople, groups of sportspeople (teams), dual-career athletes or sporting organisations/practitioners.

Why this masterclass?

It is so important that we look after ourselves and those around us. If we are able to do this effectively, then we will be far happier in our everyday lives. Asking critical questions and assessing who you rely on and who relies on you is the first step into being better at taking and giving care. You will become better at spotting when someone, or yourself, is in need of help. By being better informed of what mental health and what it means to you, this masterclass will help you to understand the support mechanisms and networks available to you. You will leave as someone who is much more comfortable helping to challenge any stigma around mental health challenges, especially within sport. 

Mini-masterclasses can be tailored to be between 45 and 90 minutes long. Full masterclasses are 3 hours long.