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Coaching and Mentoring

Your training schedule as an athlete is designed to maximise your potential through working with specialists, from technical coaches to strength and conditioning staff. As a result, you understand the value of receiving advice and guidance from specialists in their field. When it comes to preparing for life outside of sport, why not get the same level of specialist advice from a trained professional to help you to maximise your potential?

Our confidential coaching and mentoring sessions can benefit you whether you are currently competing, an athlete who has begun their transition out of sport, or someone who left a sporting career some time ago. You don’t have to wait until you are about to transition to a life outside of sport – this service can help you to come up with a plan. There is an option to include a psychometric personality profiling tool as part of this service to help you and your coach/mentor understand yourself and the way you work better.

What's the difference

Coaching Sessions:

Coaching sessions are interactive, structured conversations that will help you to identify where you are now, where you want to be and will help you build the stepping-stones to get there. Our coaches are non-judgmental, trustworthy professionals who will help facilitate you in forming a realistic and achievable action plan to move forwards.

Have a look at our associates to see which ones may be able to support you with some coaching.

Mentoring Sessions:

Mentoring sessions differ from coaching sessions as, unlike a coach, your matched mentor will have specific knowledge, experience and expertise in your field of interest and profession. You will work together to identify where you are now and where you want to be. Mentors will then share their own experience, offering their advice and guidance on how you should progress towards your identified goals.

We will match you with a mentor dependent on your age, experiences and sport.

Can I do both?

Coaching and mentoring work well hand in hand, or can be undertaken separately, depending on what it is you need and want at the time.

Which one is for me?

Contact us to have a confidential conversation and help us to find out which one might help you. We have different coaching and mentoring packages available to athletes to suit a range of budgets and requirements. We offer subsidised rates to Switched On members (find out how to become a member) and can also offer bursaries to support you financially too, contact us to find out more. All packages are tailored to YOUR needs.

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