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Life Beyond Sport Bootcamp

For athletes who are thinking about retirement or who have recently retired from sport, we are running a FREE* Life Beyond Sport Bootcamp.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a cohort of other like-minded athletes who are passionate about developing themselves outside of sport. The six-week online course will give you access to interactive masterclasses and group coaching sessions that will help you better understand yourself and how you can develop your skills and experiences to ensure you thrive outside of sport. You will also have access to a personality profiling tool to help you recognise how and in what situations you work best. The course normally costs £500 but thanks to the generosity of our partners, we are able at this time to offer this for free for a limited number of athletes. Find out more and apply below.

What is included in the Life Beyond Sport Bootcamp?

1. Six weekly online masterclasses to help you recognise and develop key transferable skills for a successful transition. These will be every Friday from the 6th November at 14:00 for 6 weeks:

    • Session 1: Introduction to Transition (6th November) 
      • Understand the wider context of transition in and beyond sport and what you can be doing now to prepare for any transition. 
    • Session 2: Self-awareness (13th November)
      • Reflect on how you work best and how you can be effective in your life outside of sport.
    • Session 3: Relationships (20th November)
      • Learn how to build sustainable professional relationships that will support and engage you in your next career. 
    • Session 4: Transferable Skills (27th November)
      • Learn how best to apply the skills developed in your sporting career in other work environments.
    • Session 5: Maximising your network (4th December)
      • Explore how to optimise your personal and professional networks to support you in and outside of sport. 
    • Session 6: Bringing it together (11th December)
      • A reflective session on what has been learned and how to confidently apply it in the ‘real’ world 

2. A personal behaviour profile that will report how and when you work best. This will help you build an individual understanding of yourself and others and you’ll be able to use your report for your own personal development in the future.

3. Group coaching to help you explore your values, enabling you to become the best version of yourself.

4. A personal action plan to ensure your development carries on beyond the course.

The bootcamp will be led by Colin Wall alongside other Switch the Play associates. Colin is a former professional footballer, now qualified Personal Performance Coach, working in both the sport and corporate sectors.

What happens when the course is finished?

You will complete the Bootcamp equipped with a personal action plan for your transition. Following the Bootcamp, you will be able to:

    • Access 1-to-1 coaching/mentoring:
      • Direct contact with a coach or mentor from the StP team who will provide an individualised service that will help you shape your future. A coach or mentor will work with you to progress towards your goals.
    • Become a member of the first StP ‘Mastermind’ group:
      • These groups will only include others from your cohort. They will offer an independent and confidential platform for you to share experiences, knowledge and ideas with those that also attended the Life Beyond Sport Bootcamp. We recommend the groups meet virtually once a month, but you can decide how regularly you want to meet up once the group is set up by one of the StP team!

How to get involved?

  • The course starts on 6th November and ends on 13th December.
  • Each week, there will be a masterclass and group coaching session that will last 90 minutes.
  • The course is free. We do ask for a £150 fully refundable deposit* to secure your place. 
  • There is a limited number of spaces available (12).
  • We actively encourage participants from all sports to encourage diversity of thought within the cohort. The small cohort size means we can offer a far greater personalised experience for each athlete.
  • Complete the short application questions by clicking the link below and one of the StP team will be in touch soon about your application to join the cohort!
  • Deadline for applications is 30th October 2020.
  • Contact StP at for more information.

* Attendance at a minimum of 4 sessions of the Bootcamp is required to claim this deposit back. At the end of the Bootcamp you will have 3 options:

  1. Claim your full deposit (£150.00) back.
  2. Donate all of your deposit to the Foundation.
  3. Donate some of your deposit to the Foundation, and claim the remainder back.  

Apply for our Life Beyond Sport Bootcamp!

To apply for a place on the Bootcamp, all you have to do is complete this short form and one of the team will be in touch about your application soon!

Apply Here