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Information and Resources

Tips on health and wellbeing

Learn more about work life balance, sleep, exercise and other ways to look after yourself as well as a strategy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

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Mental health conditions

Spend some time learning about the different mental health conditions. This section includes symptoms, causes and treatments. 

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You can read blogs of people who have had their own mental health challenges here. 

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Mental health and money advice

If you or someone you know has financial concerns, visit our partners website by clicking the button below or have a look to see if you think our Financial Wellbeing masterclass could help.

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Get urgent help

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, click b below to get help. Alternatively, ring Samaritans on or dial 999. 

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Living with mental health challenges

Visit this website for help with living with mental health challenges and find out about strategies to help you manage this. 

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