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Motorsport UK Engages Switch the Play

Posted on: 22 May 2019 by Emily Lake

Motorsport UK, the national membership organisation and governing body for motorsport, has engaged Switch the Play to deliver training to their young drivers on preparing for life outside of sport.

This kicked off recently with a Transition 101 Masterclass at Loughborough College for 17 of Motorsport UK’s teenage drivers. Emily Lake, Switch the Play Athlete Transition Coordinator, led the personal development session designed to stimulate awareness and encourage action on planning for life beyond their sports career. All course attendees will now join ‘Switched On’, Switch the Play’s network and begin to build their own online profiles.  As Switched On members, they will also get access to peer-to-peer support from athletes across a variety of sporting backgrounds plus expert, practical advice.

Greg Symes, Academy Manager at Motorsport UK, said: “We wanted to work with Switch the Play because we have a duty of care to our athletes to ensure they are preparing for life outside of sport, whatever and whenever that may be. Equally, we know a better-educated athlete makes a better athlete and Switch thePlay contributes to this.  We’ve been very impressed by the additional benefits Switch the Play offers and the network it provides.”

Emily Lake added: “It’s never too early for an athlete to start preparing for what happens when their sporting career comes to an end.  We hope all these drivers are at the start of a successful motorsport career but whenever this part of their lives comes to an end, the work we’re doing with the drivers will help them be better prepared for that moment.  From increasing their awareness of the inevitable transitions they will face within both life and sport, to building and managing their own brand, the training will benefit them both now and in the future.”

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