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Brand of You

Purpose of the masterclass

Those taking the Brand of You masterclass will gain a deep understanding of how their actions, body language and behaviour has an impact on those around them, be that their family, their employer, sponsors and even themselves.

Who’s it for?

Individual sportspeople, groups of sportspeople (teams), dual-career athletes or sporting organisations/practitioners

Why this masterclass?

Personal branding is about how you are perceived by others and how this influences them. Their perception of you can lead to many benefits, including but not limited to financial ones.

As a sportsperson in the public eye, you have a brand image. The Brand of You masterclass will teach you the power of a brand, what your brand is, why it’s important and how you can develop and improve your personal image. The class covers the use of social media and technology to grow your brand online; how to attract and retain sponsors by creating a ‘value added’ proposition; how to highlight your transferable skills to enhance your image; and how leveraging your existing relationships can build your brand. You’ll have a better understanding of why a strong personal brand is so important and be armed with the tactics to manage people’s perceptions of you.

Mini masterclasses can be tailored to be between 45 and 90 minutes long. Full masterclasses are 3 hours long

Paul Tassell, Football Academy Manager at Hartpury College and University

I think it was really interesting for our players to hear how their personal brand can be perceived by others and the importance of how you conduct yourself with certain behaviours and on and off the pitch. Great session with the lads!

Louis Deacon, Coventry RFC

Refreshingly engaging, thought-provoking and interactive! Leon filled the room with energy, shared great stories and posed some really challenging questions, encouraging us all to consider who we are, how we’re perceived and the potential consequences attached to those perceptions!

Maimee Morris, University of Birmingham Athlete Lifestyle Advisor


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