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Introduction to Transition


Purpose of the masterclass

To provide you with an introduction to transition and how you can take a proactive approach to developing yourself alongside your sport. This will have a positive impact on both performance and transition planning.

Who’s it for?

Individual sportspeople, groups of sportspeople (teams), dual-career athletes or sporting organisations/practitioners.

Why this masterclass?

The best time to prepare for a transition is during an athlete’s sporting career, so individuals can fulfil their potential through and beyond sport. Personal development is key to this success. Through introducing you to the realities of transition and exploring different topics, we will support you in identifying areas to work on alongside your sporting career. This masterclass is a great place to kick start preparations for athlete transition through a proactive approach. Preparing for the future is not seeing personal development as a Plan B, this session will help you understand it’s a crucial extension of your Plan A.

Mini-masterclasses can be tailored to be between 45 and 90 minutes long. Full masterclasses are three hours long.

The most important thing I learnt today was thinking about life outside of sport rather than life after sport and then planning and getting prepared slowly in the background whilst I’m still playing rather than just when I finish in years down the line.

Middlesex CC player
Introduction to Transition - Testimonial


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