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Leadership & Corporate Governance


Purpose of the masterclass

Diversity in the board room really matters. A more diverse boardroom in terms of gender, race, age and disability status is a much better boardroom and a truer representation of our society. Professional sportspeople bring a unique and valuable perspective to the table and can make great board members. This masterclass is for both current and former athletes who are considering leadership or ambassadorial roles, either within or outside of sport.

Who’s it for?

Current or retired sportspeople, groups of sportspeople (teams), dual-career athletes or sporting practitioners

Why this masterclass?

Delivered in partnership with The Mintridge Foundation, the Leadership & Corporate Governance masterclass introduces the roles and responsibilities of Non-Executive Directors and Trustees. During this introductory taster class you will gain an understanding of the key principles of governance and the UK Corporate Governance Code; learn about effective governance framework; and become confident in the fundamentals of a governance review and self-assessment.

The class is delivered using a board game format developed by Dr Karl George, an internationally established consultant in governance. It is an interactive team-based educational tool delivered in a fun and stimulating classic board game style. It combines accelerated learning techniques with practical case studies to deliver governance information efficiently and effectively. At the end of the class you’ll have a good understanding of what goes on in the boardroom and what it takes to become a successful board member.

This masterclass runs for up to 3 hours.

Marilyn Okoro


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